Insurance Information
Insurance Carriers Accepted
Beech Street
Blue Cross & Blue Shield
Choice Behavioral Health
First Health
Mental Health Network
United Behavioral Health
Value Options
Westrope Health
and many others not listed, 56 insurance companies in all.
There is usually a portion of the fee that your insurance carrier will require you to pay at the time of service. When you request your "authorization number" (see information below) ask your insurance company what your co-payment will be for counseling. It may be more or less than the amount shown on your insurance card for an office visit. Some insurance companies do not require any co-payment for counseling services. This is often true of an "Employee Assistance Program" (EAP). Advanced Behavioral Counseling, Inc. is an "EAP" provider for most of the insurance companies listed above.

How To Get Authorization To Be Seen From The Insurance Company
Most insurance carriers require that you get an "authorization number" from them before being seen. This is your assurance that the insurance company will pay for the visit. (Note: Not all insurance companies will pay for all issues for which you may seek counseling. If you find your insurance carrier will not cover your particular issue see the "Lifestages Coaching" page on this website.) The easiest way to obtain the authorization number is to call the telephone number listed on your insurance card. The telephone number to call may be listed as "mental health" or "mental health and substance abuse" or "member services". Some insurance companies will offer you a list of several providers of mental health services that you may choose from for services. Others may want you to schedule an appointment with a specific provider before giving you an authorization number. The best way to get the provider that you want is to make the appointment first with the provider and then call the insurance company with the provider's name and the apointment time. For example, you would call and say, "I have an appointment scheduled with Ron Winters in Winter Springs, Florida at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, July 16th. I would like to get an authorization number for that appointment." You would then write down the authorization number they give you and bring it to the appointment. You may also want to write down the name of the person you spoke to in case there is any question about it later on.
If you need any assistance with this process call our administrative office at 407-960-6808. Our staff will be glad to help you.